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  1. No one is permitted to enter the library without producing the ID card. 
  2. Each users are requested to sign the login register 
  3. Overcoats, raincoats, and other kinds of outdoor clothing, umbrellas, bags, cases, cameras, photocopying devices, and similar personal belongings shall normally be deposited in the property counter adjacent to the entrance during each visit to the Library. 
  4. Library cards/ID Cards are not transferable.
  5.  The borrower is fully responsible for the books borrowed on his/her card.
  6.  In case, there is demand from more than one student for the same book, they will be issued      on the basis of reservation made (first come first served basis).
  7. To have library materials issued out, a member should submit the Borrower’s card/ ID card to the Circulation Counter staff.
  8. Loss of library book must be brought to the attention of the Librarian on occurrence and the book must be replaced immediately. 
  9. If notification is made after the book is overdue, the borrower will also be responsible for the overdue charge.
  10. If a book belonging to a set is lost, the borrower will be charged for replacement of the entire set. 
  11. Materials borrowed from the library are to be returned on or before the due date. 
  12. On the expiry of due date, Rs.5/- per day will be charged and after one week Rs.10.00 will be levied per day. 
  13. Absence is not accepted as an excuse for nonpayment of overdue charge.
  14.  If the due date falls on College holiday, the book may be returned on the next working day, without overdue charge. 
  15. If user fails to return the books within the above stipulated period, such user’s library membership will be cancelled for certain period and also the book must be returned with clearing all the dues.
  16.  Library books, Journals and other reading/reference materials should be used with care and consideration. 
  17.  Before leaving the library, the member should return the material in sound condition.



Sl No Particulars Total No Remarks
1 List of Books 4151
2 List of Journals 17
International Journals 06
National Journals 11
3 Details of online journals DELNET, BMJ
4 Details of Software Koha Open Source Software
5 Details of Audio Visual aids
CD and DVD 178
6 Periodicals
Malayala manorama 1 Newspaper-daily
The Hindu 1 Newspaper-daily
Mathrubhumi Arogyamasika 1 Magazine (Monthly)
1 Seating Capacity 100
2 e- Journal/ E- Books DELNET, BMJ
3 Digital Library with Internet access 05